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Updated: May 20, 2022

I had attended two courses of personal counseling sessions by psychologist (the first one was about for 1 year, the second for about 6 months) however the issue did not improve as much as I expected. Rather it kept circling around my life and was affecting my personal well-being and relationship with close ones.

I chanced upon Ms. Chin in July 2020, and decided to give hypnotherapy a try to reduce or remove the anxiety within me. It was not an easy journey as there were many misconceptions about hypnotherapy among my friends and close ones. Hypnosis is more of a “natural” state than people imagine; one experiences it several times throughout the day without realizing and it doesn’t need a swinging watch to put one into a hypnotic sleep.

During the course of my therapy, Ms Chin has been professional, patient, empathetic, sincere, dedicated and actively listening to me explaining each troubling episode/ situation and how it has affected me. At the end of each session, Ms Chin shared coping strategies to manage my thought and emotion and made sure I practiced by following up with me via WhatsApp messaging. I looked forward to each meeting where I was able to deeply relax and focus on myself during the hypnosis session, helping me to understand deeply my strength, weakness and who I want to be.

In December 2020, I was asked to reflect and pen down what I wanted to give up and who I want to be; that was a breakthrough as I just felt something heavy unloaded from me. For once, I feel like a bird released from the cage soaring high, freely and joyfully in the sky.

Her constant encouragement and positive reinforcement during the healing journey definitely built my self-confidence and direct my perspective to an optimistic vision. This does not only help me with the initial issue but also help me to cope with many new issues/ challenges in the future. Last but not least, I enjoyed the fellowship of glorifying Jesus during each meeting.

NS, 44 years old, Health & Nutrition


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