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See Yourself In New Light

Regulate the turmoil and in stillness, see the beauty of your reflection.

Life Mastery

Join the 90% on their personal growth & transformation after breaking through.


Be the 95% who persevered and achieved healing.


Choose to change.

Inner Child Healing - freedom from childhood wounds and trauma recovery

My Inner Child Clinic for clinical hypnotherapy & psychotherapy

You matter 

If you are experiencing conflict, confusion, helplessness or pain, you are not alone and you don’t have to be.

Often, we are paralyzed by our inability to handle what is happening in our lives or that we don’t have a solution. Again, you are not alone!

Having been through pain and trauma at a young age, I have made my breakthroughs which allowed me to grow. I have learnt how to put the pain and trauma into perspective.


Shall we explore what is possible for you? 

You deserve to be happy 

When you have a desire to gain mastery over your life and be unstuck from your issues, it is an invitation from within to go deeper. 

You may already know this; that our belief systems, subconscious patterns and impressions of ourselves creates behaviours, habits and fixed ways of thinking.


Working together, we use growth practices to uncover these blind spots and negative patterns. I will recommend the right tools for you to break out of stuck patterns and anchor a change in your subconscious mind!


How would you like to be unstuck?  

Gain  Confidence in your Work

You have worked hard only to hit a glass ceiling at work.


Your productivity is inhibited by your quest for perfection.


Work-life balance seems a far-away dream. 

Build Strong Relationships 

You are always giving and always on the lookout for the needs of others around you. But it is not reciprocated.


You are afraid to say "no" and  feel guilty speaking your opinions. 


Having been disappointed and betrayed before, you choose to protect yourself and do not trust or  invest in any relationships. 

Live a Purposeful Life

Your life lacks meaning and you are are clinging to work for security even though you don't feel a sense of fulfilment.

Have Clarity in Relationships

Every relationship ends the same way and it seems like you are always ending up with the wrong person.


You are holding on to a relationship that doesn't work just to avoid being alone. 

Recover from Trauma

It could be a regrettable incident or a long-term abuse or neglect.


Trauma is an overwhelming demand placed upon the physiological human system. It can happen to anyone.


You do not have to continue living in distress and pain.

Move on from Grief

You are stuck in the past and unable to move forward.


You feel that your future is bleak and not worth looking forward to and fear that you will never heal from the pain.

Is Psychotherapy For Me? 

You might be thinking "Are my problems that serious that I need therapy? Is it just in my mind and I can just resolve it by putting my mind to it?" 

Sometimes what you need is an outside perspective and a connection with another human being to guide you to see your complexities clearly.


I will always meet you where you are and without judgement walk you through what may seem to be roadblocks, so that you can gain courage and vision to take the next steps to living your life's potential. 

Walking the labyrinth - a mindfulness CBT activity

I will help you see the better version of you 

 You have all the resources you need within you to be the best version of you.

You just need a little help to uncover it and I can help you get there.

Even when you are not convinced of this and are unsure,

I will meet you where you are and work through it with you. 

The Benefits of Therapy


Hypnotherapy review - hypnosis for relaxation

LC, 23, Business Analyst


I come out of every therapy session feeling a lot more relaxed and at ease with myself. In my therapy sessions, I have also gone through a process of self-discovery and am in the process of building up my self confidence.

Psychotherapy and hypnotherapy for anxiety

I look back and can hardly believe the progress that was made in the last two months. I do still feel anxiety and I still have intrusive thoughts but I now know how to deal with them and they do not consume my life anymore.

TE, 37, Health & Fitness 
Mother of 2


Psychotherapy review - building mental resilience through psychotherapy

HM, 37, Social Work


I was equipped with different tools and skills to help me manage difficult 

circumstances and learnt how to honour my feelings. Through the weeks, I gained more confidence, faced my fears and stresses better, and felt lighter and more free. 

Psychotherapy review - the benefit of a salutogenic approach to psychotherapy

SQ, 29, Healthcare 

Thank you for always holding a safe space for me to recollect and release my childhood memories and traumas. Through this journey, I am overjoyed to be able to reconnect back with myself. Being mindful of my thoughts and feelings, I have stopped reacting and therefore am able to express myself with much more grace and confidence. I finally believe I am good enough and am set free from self-limiting beliefs.

I feel empowered and now make healthier/high vibration choices over lower ones.  

Cognitive behavioural therapy testimonial

When Bernadette mapped out my prominent thought processes, I felt something heavy within finally released. It was as if years and years of the hidden chest of shame, guilt, fears, and disappointment buried beneath all those dirt were finally uncovered. Slowly but surely was the transformation within. 

TE, 38, Career Counsellor

Therapy review - reframe negative self talk through psychotherapy

Therapy helped me become more aware of my mental unhealthy scripts and I have been able to better recognise moments when these expectations surface, and then take better control of my thoughts, and choose more freely to act in ways that are more helpful towards myself and others. 

LN, 40, Life Coach

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