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Therapy for Eating Disorder

Healing from attachment

Discover the beauty of who you are

Fall in love with your entire being and build connection with your true and free spirit through hypnotherapy and psychotherapy for eating disorders.

Learn to regulate your emotions when triggers arise

Reprocess and reframe imprinted attachments and patterns of negative actions and beliefs about self.

Move past the identity that is tied to the daily triggers and build a path forward with confidence and restoration

A Safe Space for Therapy

"Therapy sessions are my safe space and Bernadette is someone that I can be totally vulnerable with without any judgements." - LC, Business Analyst, 23yo

Attachment and eating disorder

"I was a successful corporate nutritionist and I know what's healthy and good for the body. I also know that when we are hurt, all that knowledge amounts to nothing. Hence I made the decision to heal the mind, tend the heart then allow the body to heal" - Bernadette Chin, Psychotherapist

Growth through grief

"I am learning to filter out and focus on what is present, helpful and known. Because comes confidence and security, the external environment and inner insecurities will less likely trigger an emotional reaction from me." - CC, Social Worker, 25yo

Therapy process for eating disorders

Weight management and eating disorders is commonly labelled as negative. As a nutritionist, research scientist and psychotherapist, I help you get into a holistic healing process of body appreciation, optimal weight management, and eating well.


Using my background in nutrition, I help clients with eating disorders to redefine their relationship with their body. Through psychotherapy and hypnosis, we work together to transform your negative thought and behaviour patterns, unveiling a confident, self-loving, healthful and radiant you.

Trauma, attachment theory and eating disorders

My Inner Child Clinic adopts a salutogenic approach of uncovering inner resources, capabilities, virtues and strengths to deal with the daily triggers associated with eating disorders. Beyond the daily meals, there are judgments passed by our loved ones, our peers, people who judge though they don't know who we are. Worst of all, there is also the attachment to a inhibiting identity of ourselves and about our relationship with the food we eat.

Every individual experiences trauma, grief and loss in a different way. We also develop coping mechanisms to create safety and a sense of control for ourselves.

Hence it is important to use clinical hypnosis in the psychotherapy process so that our clients better understand their inner strengths and capabilities and to rebuild a positive image of themselves and a healthy relationship with the food they consume.


And in all situations, behind any disorder, stress or medical label assigned to our courageous clients, there is an underlying emotional response or trigger. Thus My Inner Child Clinic uses the power of hypnotherapy to calm the mind down and we work from there to restore the soul.


Here's more about how hypnotherapy helps to regulate mood.


Hypnotherapy for Eating Disorders

Emotional regulation

Between therapist and client, we need to build up an environment of safety and trust, which is the core of the rebuilding journey.

A healthy relationship with food

Interventions are required when there is a negative imprint that links a trauma, loss of a loved one, loss of control or negative emotion with body image, food intake or our self esteem.

Using hypnosis, we restore the soul and seek a better relationship with the food we eat.

Ability to control outcomes

With self-hypnosis, you learn to take charge of your ability to regulate. Anchor in deep states of power, love and confidence. Feel at peace even when the external environment is chaotic. Gift yourself the power to control your decisions, especially when it relates to self-love and an empowering identity.

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