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Trauma Therapy Singapore

How do I heal from trauma?

Why I believe you are a hero

You've arrived.

Which meant that you took courage to seek your healing.

You are resourceful and strong.

You've arrived here in spite of everything.

You are a hero.

You've arrived to show your strength and courage to everyone around you.

You are valiant, for showing up.

I want to honour you for being who you are, and for your resourcefulness.

 "I Have Arrived"

- a poem by Bernadette Chin, trauma-informed psychotherapist.

You are already healing.

With each breath, you have formed a new identity. That you can cope, that you are still here. That you've persevered.


Now it is time to want more - to feel even better. Let's start from here.

Use hypnotherapy to regulate emotions and form positive self image.

Let's look at your strengths, resourcefulness and capabilities which set the foundation to not simply recover, but to thrive.

Through the process of psychotherapy and hypnosis, uncover powerful meaning and a sense of coherence to chart a hopeful path into the future.

A Safe Space for Therapy

"Therapy sessions are my safe space and Bernadette is someone that I can be totally vulnerable with without any judgements." - LC, Business Analyst, 23yo

Reprocess Trauma and Loss

"I've encountered so many clients labelled with all forms of mental conditions but all I see is the inner strength of the survivor in them, the hero within and the eyes of a loving and compassionate person desiring things to be better" - Bernadette Chin, Psychotherapist

Growing and healing

"I am learning to filter out and focus on what is present, helpful and known. Because comes confidence and security, the external environment and inner insecurities will less likely trigger an emotional reaction from me." - CC, Social Worker, 25yo

How do I heal from trauma?

What do I when do when emotionally drained and feeling overwhelmed?


How do I know if I will ever heal?


You are here. Be present to experience the courage in you to want to find out more about healing from your wounds. In this moment, there is a light within you, allow this light to illuminate the darkness.

My Inner Child Clinic embraces the hero in you. In spite of everything that has happened, you have dug deep and you have survived. While that may not be a pleasant situation, the fact you are here to research on how to heal from a trauma, means that you have honoured your inner desire to fully heal.

With some help, you could even transform your life and create new empowering meaning to a hopeful and promising future.

Let's start by planting seeds of possibilities of how resourceful, strong and capable you are.

Planting Seeds of Possibilities

No matter where you are, no matter how many thoughts there are in your mind right now.

Imagine thoughts are like clouds, floating in the sky.

They come, and they go.

Just imagine your body, resting on the clouds.

Observe as you weave through the clouds, floating.

Feeling loose, limp and lazy.

Perhaps as you drift deeper into the clouds of relaxation, you may decide to rest on where there is treasure, in the cloud over the rainbow.

Somewhere over the rainbow, beyond the clouds of thoughts, there lies a fertile garden. Where seeds of possibilities can be sown.

Seeds of opportunities, moments of gratitude. Perhaps even times of joy.

In this garden beyond space, beyond time, lies an opportunity to start on fertile soil.

To start planting.

The Process of Trauma Informed Care

My Inner Child Clinic combines salutogenesis in psychotherapy with hypnotherapy and most of all, in our therapy setting, emphasis is placed on creating a safe space.

As you have been brave, as your therapist, I need to honour your honesty and courage.

Every individual experiences trauma in a different way. How truamatic an experience or a memory is, it is subjective. Which means that if we work together on positive imprints and to seek moments of strengths and resourcefulness, we can use hypnosis to anchor in powerful states to transform negative beliefs and patterns that have been imprinted.

We can only achieve this when the brain is in a calm state. This is when hypnotherapy and the skill of self-hypnosis can be used to regulate emotions so that we can work towards a desired goal.

Hence it is important to use clinical hypnosis in the psychotherapy process so that our clients better cope with memories of trauma and loss. Here's more about how hypnotherapy helps to regulate mood.


Multichannel Eye Movement Integration (MEMI) for Trauma

Based on the work of Dr Mike Deninger and on the foundations of hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) Multichannel Eye Movement Integration or MEMI, is used as an effective tool to process a traumatic experience or a negative emotion.

We have designed our trauma recovery journey with the use of hypnotherapy and MEMI to desensitise negative associations with the eye movements, and to anchor deep states of relaxation so our clients can work with us to a desired therapeutic goal.

More about MEMI can be found here.

Why work with me on your healing?

Specialised Trauma Informed Care

Between therapist and client, we need to build up an environment of safety and trust, which is the backbone of successful healing through an intentional grieving process.


In order to feel safe, the client must be able to feel calm and regulated before recounting past and possibly traumatic experiences. This is done through breathing exercises and through hypnotic induction.

Feeling Safe

Feeling safe means the physical environment is conducive for therapy, we talk about your feelings only when you are ready, and we are patiently building on the foundations of being able to self-regulate, being able to see how resourceful and strong you are.

Feeling safe also means your brain is ready for talk therapy. Our mindset is that the brain and body's physiological response to stress is a natural (and necessary) response to triggers. When the amygdala is fired up in times of fight-or-flight-or-freeze-or-appease mode, therapy will only trigger more brain activity and so it is important that you feel calm and comfortable.

Talk therapy and other cognitive approaches in psychotherapy will be weaved in through a sure and steady process of healing.

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Multichannel Eye Movement Integration, Hypnotherapy

Using the foundations of mood regulation in the trauma recovery process, we can shortcut the process of emotional regulation and cognitive reframing. This is unlike other therapy or counselling sessions. Our clients only cognitively process their negative experiences when the brain is in a calm state.

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