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LC testimonial

I started therapy when I was going through a difficult time and was trying to live life by not thinking about my worries. Since my first session, I have learnt how to accept and manage difficult emotions. I come out of every therapy session feeling a lot more relaxed and at ease with myself. In my therapy sessions, I have also gone through a process of self-discovery and am in the process of building up my self-confidence. Therapy sessions are my safe space and Bernadette is someone that I can be totally vulnerable with without any judgements. Going for therapy is definitely one of the best decisions I have made for myself!


LC, 23 yrs, Business Analyst

Therapy with Bernadette was the best gift to myself. I have been dealing with anxiety and a form of obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD) pretty much my whole life. When my first child was born, everything was amplified. In addition to crippling postpartum anxiety, I also experienced distressing intrusive thoughts/postpartum OCD. As I was afraid that people would think I was crazy and would take my baby away from me, I kept it to myself and survived the first year of my child's life without really appreciating anything. When my second daughter was born, I knew I needed help this time. Even though I live a very natural and holistic lifestyle, I was ready to do anything to get better, including taking medication if it was needed. But I did not want a quick fix. I felt like I needed to do the work as I knew my postpartum disorders came from deep rooted issues.

TE, 37 yrs, Fitness Educator

TE testimonial
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I was struggling to cope with my work challenges, such as a heavy workload and ill-fitting roles which I did not like and feared. I also wanted to understand myself better, grow as a person, and experience greater freedom in my life.

Through the therapy sessions, I discovered that I held various unrealistic beliefs and expectations of myself, and how they were adding unnecessary burdens on me. Bernadette helped me tease out these beliefs, look at them with more clarity, and reframe them into more realistic ones. I was also equipped with different tools and skills to help me manage difficult circumstances and learnt how to honour my feelings. Through the weeks, I gained more confidence, faced my fears and stresses better, and felt lighter and freer.

Bernadette is sensitive, warm, and makes me feel safe to share my thoughts and feelings openly. She is very skilful in identifying the issues and areas I needed to work on, and conscientiously follows up with me through the week to know how I am doing. I know she is guided by good values, and I feel safe to trust her to do what is best for me.

The therapy journey complemented my spiritual life very well, as it helped me work on personal issues and resolve certain fears and beliefs that had psychological roots. This in turn helped me to be emotionally healthier, become more connected and at peace with myself, and helped improve my spiritual practices and the way I relate to God. I felt how psychology/therapy and the spiritual life are so closely intertwined, and one affects the other. 

HM, 37 yrs, Social Worker

HM testimonial
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Before we had our first therapy session, I was presenting similar behavioral patterns of Martyr Syndrome. I wanted to feel needed and appreciated within my family and friends. I would get emotionally overwhelmed with anger and sadness when situations spiral out of my control. I was struggling to have healthy relationships with my family, friends, colleagues and myself.

I was a broken child waiting to be seen and heard.


With God’s grace, you’ve reached out with your kind and loving hand; and we began our healing journey starting from my inner child.


Throughout our sessions, thank you for always holding a safe space for me to recollect and release my childhood memories and traumas. We were able to revisit them without fears and boundaries. You’ve patiently walked with me age by age, year by year, so that I can make peace with every single piece and aspect of myself.


In the process of healing, to manage my day to day life, you have ensured that I’m given the right techniques and tools to identify and manage my triggers, stresses and thought patterns. They have greatly brought me back to peace and in control of my emotional and mental state.


To provide greater support, I’m humbly grateful for the mid-week check ins to ensure that I am on track with what would emotions and situations would surface through the week.


Through this journey, I am overjoyed to be able to reconnect back with myself. I am mindful of my thoughts and feelings. I stopped reacting and therefore was able to express myself with much more grace and confidence. I have finally believed that I am good enough. I’ve set myself free from self-limiting beliefs. I feel empowered and this led me to make healthier, higher vibration choices over lower ones.


I wish to add that our hypnosis experiences have benefitted me in my meditation practices. I was able to accelerate my healing process through a deeper connection with my inner stillness and the Divine. The release and downloads came through with little to no resistance and I was able to evolve to my highest potential.


Thank you Bernadette for always being ever so patient and understanding with me. It is incredibly important for me to feel safe so that I can be open and vulnerable without judgement. Thank you for always providing this safe haven to me.


Words can’t express how grateful I am to meet you and to have you as my Therapist. I want you to know that I am at bliss so much so I am complimented regularly for the glow shining through me.

SQ, 29 yrs, Healthcare Worker

SQ testimonial

When I was first given Bernadette’s contact through a mutual friend, I didn’t think I needed that kind of help despite my daily struggles in managing my thoughts and emotions. My anxieties were poorly managed, and many times I was paralysed by irrational fears and my work performance was affected. The straw that broke the camel’s back was another failed attempt at dating after a couple of years hiatus, and I found myself hurt, confused, and exasperated. I noticed a pattern, but yet I didn’t know how to get myself out of it.

From my own training I knew I had deeper unresolved issues, and what I was experiencing was the manifestation of it. However I cannot explore deeper without the help of another professional. It was my first time experiencing hypnotherapy, and I did have my doubts about whether it would work and change would happen. When Bernadette mapped out my prominent thought processes, I felt something heavy within finally moved. It was as if years and years of the hidden chest of shame, guilt, fears, and disappointment buried beneath all those dirt were finally uncovered. And she worked with me to rationalise all those thoughts, raising awareness of how I talk to myself, and most importantly to accept who I am.

What was helpful was Bernadette worked at a pace that matched mine, hence the experience felt effortless and comforting. She listened, and articulated her plan for me, yet being flexible to pause or accelerate my progress. She also made sure to check in regularly, and it is especially welcoming when our timings couldn’t coincide and in-between sessions were spaced out further than intended. Above all, she provided and held that space for me to be me. Knowing how certain thought patterns would take time to rewire, she affirmed and reminded me of my progress in this healing journey, and even gently caught me falling back into old habits.

Slowly but surely, the transformation within came through, and it poured forth onto my prayer life. I noticed I was more assured and affirmed in my identity in Christ, and surrendering to Him and His plans became easier. No, my progressions were not linear as there were days harder than others despite the ongoing therapy and regular spiritual directions from my spiritual companion. However, I have accepted that it is all part of the journey and it will be a constant work-in-progress. My smaller personal encounters with Christ were becoming more frequent as I’ve learned to be more gentle and easier on myself, allowing the Holy Spirit to work within and through me. Not only I found myself significantly less reactive to the things going on around me, I am actually at peace.

As much as faith alone could work wonders to a wounded soul, but faith with therapy uncovers the root of it, deepening the encounter, and concretise the results. Each session was guided by the hands of the Holy Spirit, and by His graces I received revelations and the healing I needed that not only improved my relationship with my family and current partner, it has definitely improved my relationship with Jesus.


TE, 38 yrs, Career Counsellor

TE testimonial
LN testimonial
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During one of my therapy sessions with Bernadette, I recounted to her how unkindly I had treated someone in my community. I had raised my voice, and used a rather harsh tone when pointing out something to the person. Looking back, I told Bernadette how lousy and ashamed I had felt about the way I had handled that particular situation, especially when I am usually patient and forgiving towards others. 


When Bernadette helped me process my thoughts and feelings surrounding that incident, I discovered that these actions and behaviours usually happen when I am in some sort of leadership role. As we examined further, I realised how much my self-worth had been tied to my achievements and performance, such that whenever I am in a role or leadership position, I place higher and sometimes unreasonable expectations on myself to perform and achieve a certain outcome. When these expectations are not met, I subconsciously begin to feel lousy about myself, and this in turn causes me to project my dissatisfaction and anger towards others, which explains my occasional outbursts and unkind behaviours.

After uncovering some of these deeper wounds and unhealthy scripts, and better understanding where they come from, Bernadette led me through an exercise that taught me how to 'turn down' the dials of my expectations and need for control in such circumstances, and practise operating from a healthier set of beliefs and truths about my self-worth. Ever since I have become more aware of these unhealthy scripts, I have been better able to recognise moments when these expectations surface, and then take better control of my thoughts, and choose more freely to act in ways that are more helpful towards myself and others.

These are but one of the many breakthroughs that Bernadette has led me to through a process of gentle enquiry, sharing of relevant literature and frameworks that help me better understand my actions, thoughts and feelings, as well as various exercises that help me take better control over my life, thoughts and behaviours. 

I find Bernadette to be knowledgeable in her field of work, compassionate and gentle in her approach, real and practical in her suggested tools and resources, and very encouraging and approachable as a person. These experiences in therapy affirm my belief that therapy can be very helpful and beneficial in helping someone gain a better understanding and awareness of themselves, so that they can better address any areas that inhibit their freedom and ability to live out their best self. This definitely complements any spiritual work or exercises that aim to help someone live more freely and fully as how God created them to be. Spiritual work alone is insufficient if we neglect tending to our human, incarnate self that is made up of our thoughts, feelings, and human experiences. If these areas are not worked through, our nature cannot cooperate with the grace of God for total healing and restoration.

Through my sharing, I hope to encourage more people to seek therapy not only when things get seriously bad, but when they wish to discover ways and truths that can help them live their lives with greater understanding, freedom and joy, the way God desires for us.

LN, 40 yrs, Life Coach

I had attended two courses of personal counseling sessions by psychologist (the first one was about for 1 year, the second for about 6 months) however the issue did not improve as much as I expected.  Rather it kept circling around my life and was affecting my personal well-being and relationship with close ones.

I chanced upon Ms. Chin in July 2020, and decided to give hypnotherapy a try to reduce or remove the anxiety within me.  It was not an easy journey as there were many misconceptions about hypnotherapy among my friends and close ones.  Hypnosis is more of a “natural” state than people imagine; one experiences it several times throughout the day without realizing and it doesn’t need a swinging watch to put one into a hypnotic sleep.

During the course of my therapy, Ms Chin has been professional, patient, empathetic, sincere, dedicated and actively listening to me explaining each troubling episode/ situation and how it has affected me.  At the end of each session, Ms Chin shared coping strategies to manage my thought and emotion and made sure I practiced by following up with me via WhatsApp messaging.  I looked forward to each meeting where I was able to deeply relax and focus on myself during the hypnosis session, helping me to understand deeply my strength, weakness and who I want to be.


In December 2020, I was asked to reflect and pen down what I wanted to give up and who I want to be; that was a breakthrough as I just felt something heavy unloaded from me.  For once, I feel like a bird released from the cage soaring high, freely and joyfully in the sky.

Her constant encouragement and positive reinforcement during the healing journey definitely built my self-confidence and direct my perspective to an optimistic vision.  This does not only help me with the initial issue but also help me to cope with many new issues/ challenges in the future.  Last but not least, I enjoyed the fellowship of glorifying Jesus during each meeting.

NS, 44, Health & Nutrition Specialist

Dear Bernadette,

"One with a heart of gold, one who gifts others with her time and one who always glorifies God in whatever she does." is how I would describe you.

Thank you for being part of my healing journey and I often thought to myself how my life would be life if you had gone into this earlier and that I had all these sessions done earlier.  Yet I have come to appreciate that there is indeed a time and season for everything.  At a time when I was ready to enter more deeply in healing, God gifted me with the ministry you are in. Honestly, if it weren't for you, I would still have doubts about what Hypnotherapy is all about - It is a really deep form of Ignatian contemplation.  I feel very safe in your hands, knowing that you honour God in all that you do and that you are not here to make money out of your clients - given how generous you are with your time as seen in sessions and follow up homework prior to the next session.  As fellow Catholics, I love how you integrate science and spirituality, always giving credit to our Creator whom you work hand in hand with.


I have seen how much I have grown over the many sessions and how you really are here to help us to discern our vocation in life by helping us to progress forward through gentle yet intense healing work at a deeper level.  I see how you help me take step further by helping me to appreciate what was revealed to me at retreats.  Thank you for helping me to unlock the many closed doors by giving me the courage to face my past so that I can embrace my future. Thank you for always being there for me when I feel lost, assuring me that it was part of my healing journey and that things would get better.  I really appreciate your time and commitment in journeying with me, checking in on me and making sure that I was ready to embrace the next step.  Yes, things do get better and better as you share. 

Thank you for being a highly professional therapist and a personable friend, one whom we could confide in.  I do enjoy my sessions with you because breakthroughs do happen, and I can't help but be ascertained of the fact that you do pray for each and every one of your clients whom you believe is sent by God.  Thank you for being God's instrument of healing, and for being that spark that ignites hope and healing, happiness and health in us all.  Thank you for enabling me to witness how God has been an amazing author of my life, writing beautiful chapters every day.

YS, 37, Educator

Dear Bernadette

The past 2 months journeying with you as my therapist has been truly an invaluable blessing! 

Thank you for softening my heart and head and investing so much time and effort in me. 

You have addressed my various inner wounds, which helped in my social-emotional growth, allowed me to regain my lost self-esteem, and enabled me to apply helpful thought processes. 

I am learning to celebrate my steps in life.

I am learning to filter out and focus on what is present, helpful and known. Because comes confidence and security, the external environment and inner insecurities will less likely trigger an emotional reaction from me.

I can then respond more effectively to the environment. 

Like how you have empowered and gifted me with your light, I hope I can pass it on and do the same for my future clients. The best is only yet to come!

CC, 25 years, Social Worker

I was in the midst of a career transition and taking on a new role in a new industry when I began therapy sessions with Bernadette. 


I chose to leave as I was facing work stresses which affected my mental and physical health, not to mention my self-confidence and overall happiness.


Bernadette helped me come to terms with what have happened and also to re-calibrate myself for the new job.


Through the therapy sessions together, she guided me to better understand the relationships between thoughts, feelings and actions. I now have a clearer perspective on having greater discipline over my thoughts, without being overly hard or judging myself. Over the sessions, and the subsequent check-ins, she would provide the calm and assurance to keep me grounded while allowing me to share my concerns. One of her advice was that, it is ok not to be ok. And I would often use these nuggets of wisdom in my daily life to keep me moving forward.


The hypnosis sessions were helpful in my recovery and opened my eyes in terms of my own spiritual development. I could appreciate how seemingly simple acts of kindness can have a lasting impact. It is a humbling experience and it inspired me to continue learning and to gain a deeper understanding. At each session, I felt guided and watched over so it was comforting and assuring.


I encourage everyone to take care of your mental and emotional health, and seek help if you need to do so. Bernadette was able to help me with this and I believe you too will benefit if you choose to take the step forward to work on and improve your mental health.

HZ, 38 years, Healthcare Worker

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