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Experience Hypnotherapy

With Bernadette Chin, Hypnotherapist in Singapore

Be empowered, confident and fulfilled.

Experience how it feels to be at peace, in a deep state of focused attention and allow your subconscious mind to do the work with you. Take this 1 minute tool to envision a new you, and find out your potential using hypnotherapy.

Unleash the power within.

Planting seeds of the future.

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Hypnotherapy Locations

I conduct hypnotherapy in Thomson, Clarke Quay and online. 

SQ, 29yo Healthcare Worker

"I wish to add that our hypnosis experiences have benefitted me in my meditation practices. I was able to accelerate my healing process through a deeper connection with my inner stillness and the Divine. The release and downloads came through with little to no resistance and I was able to evolve to my highest potential."

TE, 38yo Career Counselor

"It was my first time experiencing hypnotherapy, and I did have my doubts about whether it would work and change would happen. When Bernadette mapped out my prominent thought processes, I felt something heavy within finally moved. It was as if years and years of the hidden chest of shame, guilt, fears, and disappointment buried beneath all those dirt were finally uncovered. And she worked with me to rationalise all those thoughts, raising awareness of how I talk to myself, and most importantly to accept who I am."

NS, 44yo Health & Nutrition Specialist

 "I looked forward to each meeting where I was able to deeply relax and focus on myself during the hypnosis session, helping me to understand deeply my strength, weakness and who I want to be."

Frequently Asked Questions About Hypnotherapy in Singapore

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What are the benefits of hypnotherapy?

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As Dr Richard Bandler explains in our interaction with the world, human beings are always in a state of hypnosis. We are in a trance at work (when we experience flow), doing a repeated activity like driving, or listening to a song or watching a video. 

Sometimes we are also in a trance which is disempowering. It can be a negative thought, a repeated pattern of dis-regulation, a cycle of fluctuating emotions fed by common triggers. In other words, we are hypnotised in a pattern of desolation and destruction.

Hypnotherapy is a method which flips the problem around by working with your subconscious mind to rapidly change your beliefs.

Here's a list of 10 benefits which I experienced for myself in hypnotherapy:

  1. I can regulate my emotions better

  2. I experience moments of deep peace throughout the day

  3. I trust my intuition more

  4. I become more aware when negative patterns arise

  5. I know I am on a path of growth and hope

  6. When I feel confused, I know I have an innner compass and can always tap into my inner strength and resources

  7. I am in control when I need to enter states of power, relaxation and confidence

  8. I can quickly change my energy and change my emotion

  9. When planning for my future, I have the ability to access powerful states to achieve those goals and milestones

  10. I can easily recall moments of strengths and achievements in my past which anchors me in hope and confidence when times get tough

I've written about the powerful use of hypnosis for stress management and there are many other benefits. 

I'd like to invite you to experience this power for your self and make a list of your beneficial experiences of hypnosis.

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