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Inner Child Healing

your self

Benefits of inner child work

Heal from childhood wounds

Breakaway from negative self-beliefs

Transform old habits and stuck patterns

IQ, entrepreneur

"In my first session, Bernadette taught me to rekindle my relationship with myself & I started daily habits of mirror work to love myself."

SQ, healthcare worker

"Thank you for always holding a safe space for me to recollect and release my childhood memories and traumas."

CC, social worker

"You have addressed my various inner wounds, which helped in my social-emotional growth, allowed me to regain my lost self-esteem, and enabled me to apply helpful thought processes."

Are you feeing disconnected from yourself?

If you are feeling disconnected from yourself, feeling lost in life, and getting stuck, it might help to think about your inner child. This is the part of you that feels happy, excited, curious, playful, and creative. This child is the one that makes us feel like we are complete and that we have worth- within it, we find our True Self.


We may not realize it, but we carry a lot of pain and trauma throughout life. Some of this trauma is from the day to day stresses we experience growing up, such as harsh parenting, being punished or bullied. Some comes from more severe and serious forms of neglect, abuse, or abandonment. Unbeknown to us, we carry these tension in our body and can sometimes cause anxiety, shame, guilt, anger and resentment. It impacts negatively the way we view ourselves and the world.


Inner-child healing is a process that can help us

- heal intense disturbing emotions like anxiety and depression

- breakthrough negative self beliefs

- transform old habits and stuck patterns.


It is about reclaiming your Personal Power to

- gain back control of your life

- rebuild your self esteem and confidence

- effect the positive change you want in your relationships so that the Real You can shine through. 

Inner Child Work

Celebrate the child-like hero in you, reacquaint and have fun connecting with your inner child. My Inner Child Clinic works with clients build this zeal and vigour for life through a salutogenic approach to clinical hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. 

I do this because it mattered to me and I've transformed through my healing journey. Find out more about me and why I became a psychotherapist and clinical hypnotherapist.

Psychotherapy process for inner child healing

Identify unmet needs as a child

Based on Charles L. Whitfield's work on breaking the victim and/or martyr mentality by identifying your unmet needs as a child.

Meeting your unmet needs as an adult

Re-parenting is where you become an ideal parent and a responsible adult that meets and attends to the needs of your inner child.

Clinical hypnotherapy

Facing the past can be tedious because as Carl Jung describes the inner child, it is our subconscious which holds  memories, emotions and beliefs in our growing up formative years which give us our meaning and attitude towards our past and expectations of our future. Hence hypnotherapy, including regression work helps access the subconscious to begin the healing journey.

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