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Transforming Lives through Psychotherapy in Singapore

Embarking on a journey of healing and self discovery can be exhilarating and nerve-wrecking.


At My Inner Child Clinic, we understand this sentiment and provide a safe and nurturing environment for your psychotherapy sessions in Singapore. 

Our mission is to help individuals recognise their potential, overcome limiting beliefs about self, and unlock their inner strength to become purposeful and resilient.

Planting seeds of possibility in hypnotherapy

Why Choose Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a multi-pronged approach to bring out the best in you.

It includes various established and scientifically-proven methods for addressing your issues and to achieve desired outcomes. We include popular counselling techniques (commonly referred to as "talk therapy"), mindfulness and mindfulness based cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). 

We incorporate other approaches in the area of healing the inner child from childhood wounds or limiting beliefs about self. We offer trauma informed care and multi-movement eye channel integration (MEMI) for trauma resolution, to support the understanding and healing of clients who have experienced trauma.

Inner Child Healing

Inner child healing is a process that can help us through anxiety & depression, limiting self-beliefs and old habits that are seemingly hard to give up.

Healing through grief

We are all ill prepared to deal with loss. Yet grieving well helps us understand where we are in our dealing with the loss and to eventually let go of the pain.

Trauma informed care

Using regulated trauma therapies to improve how we live through trauma and develop strategies to build you up to be resilient and resourceful.

A Trusted Companion Through The Healing Journey

Effective psychotherapy

90% of committed clients have progressed past the healing to a phase of growth.

Post-therapy support

We understand that triggers occur anytime and anywhere, and some support is necessary outside of the therapy room.

A safe space

Having personally experienced pain & suffering,  we understand the need to feel safe so we can be vulnerable to our therapist.

My Inner Child Clinic's Advantage

My clients have demonstrated courage and would like to share their healing journey so that you may have more hope of a brighter path ahead for you.
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Inner Child Healing with Bernadette Chin.jpg
Mood Regulation with bernadette.jpg
Regression Work Therapy  with Bernadette Chin.jpg
Feeling safe and secure in therapy.jpg

Choosing the right place to undergo psychotherapy is crucial for your healing journey. Here at Inner Child Clinic, I offer effective and personalised plans that resonate with your unique experiences and objectives. I follow a holistic, integrative approach, combining elements from different therapeutic techniques to cater to the specific needs of every individual.

My commitment is towards delivering top-tier psychotherapy services that are not only effective but also ethical, respectful, and sensitive to your personal journey. I believe in creating a warm, welcoming space where you feel heard, understood, and empowered to facilitate profound changes.

My Inner Child Clinic Psychotherapy in Singapore

Begin Your Psychotherapy Journey Today

Initiating the process of therapy maybe daunting.


Yet is benefits are immense. At Inner Child Clinic, we are here for you, guiding and supporting you each step of our mental wellbeing growth.

Be it struggling with anxiety, depression and stress, or the desire to understand yourself better, psychotherapy is your pathway to a fulfilling life.

Let's work together to illuminate this path of healing and empowerment. 

Get in touch with us today at My Inner Child Clinic - your trusted partner in psychotherapy in Singapore.

An Effective Tool For Mood Regulation

Meditation Tools for psychotherapy.gif

Our brains have not evolved beyond the caveman days of eat or be eaten. Our brain is designed to keep us alive by fearing for our survival. Yet modern society living means we no longer worry about the sabertooth tiger at the backyard! 

So now our brain's fight, flight or freeze during amygdala capture is triggered by fears of not being good enough, financial stress, broken relationships, and much more.

In order to begin the healing, our brain needs to consciously make a decision. We cannot do so when flooded by negative emotions of rage, fear and anxiety.

If emotional regulation is the core of most psychotherapy approaches, you can benefit from knowing when you need to self-regulate, and how to do so.

This is a free tool we specially designed for you to be aware of your emotions and limiting beliefs about self that triggers the emotions. We did this in partnership withyouth mental wellbeing focused  non-profit organisation Over The Rainbow in Singapore.

Special thanks to my life and business partner, Ignatius, for the opportunity to co-develop support tools in between therapy sessions at Calm3d.

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Special Rates For Psychotherapy

Exclusive offer of $50 off the hourly rate for psychotherapy. This applies to new clients who have been referred.


Here are some frequently asked questions about psychotherapy I receive in client enquiries.

Ask a therapist.

What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy combines proven methods used by mental health professionals to help individuals understand and resolve emotional issues, develop healthier thought patterns, and cultivate coping mechanisms.


At My Inner Child Clinic, I believe in the healing power of growing through trauma and will work with you to safely explore your experiences, fears and limiting beliefs, then anchor positive beliefs about yourself. This is a process of planting seeds of possibilities within you.

Is everything I share in therapy confidential?

Yes, at My  Inner Child Clinic, your privacy is my utmost priority. I strictly adhere to professional ethics, ensuring your personal information and discussions remain confidential. 

How long does a therapy session last?

Each session is normally between 60 to 90 minutes. Some therapies such as inner child healing and regression work may take longer due to the comprehensive nature of such therapies.

Why should I go for psychotherapy sessions at this clinic?

There are many pathways to inner healing. However, if you are looking for someone who can hold your space, to feel safe and be duly acknowledged for the courage to start seeking help. Then I am the right therapist for you.

I started the seeds My Inner Child Clinic as early as my childhood. I am here for others, because of my wounded past and decision to want change.

Growing From The Trauma

This is my personal story of why I started My Inner Child Clinic for trauma care and healing childhood wounds.

I recalled an incident where a friend brought his 2 year old child for speech therapy as there was a delay. The father was worried about his child's future and if early intervention would be required. 


To his surprise, at the first session, the therapist shared her story growing up with autism and had hope after knowing that she is now a specialist using her story to bring hope and confidence to parents.

In a similar way, we are all wounded in our own way, and I'm a victim of my own experiences and past trauma. 

At a young age, I experienced like many others, the need to grow up and be strong for my family. The stress to excel, be perfect and solve problems brought on long term effects to my physical health. 

"In my quest for physical healing, I began to contemplate the root of my issues, which is deeply rooted in my childhood experiences." 

It was a slow process of peeling the onion, layer by layer. I explored many paths of healing myself from a young age and through that experience, the seeds of possibility were planted. 

So this is me, putting my lived experiences and my learning to practice. 

As a psychotherapist, I help my clients grow through the traumatic experiences and heal. But each time I accompany someone through the process of healing, I'm healing as well. 

This is why I started My Inner Child Clinic, to focus on journeying with my clients and building the trust and therapeutic alliance that is necessary for that healing to take root.

Mood Regulation Tool

Our Gift To Singapore

My husband and I started Calm3d Pte Ltd a mental wellbeing startup using immersive tools to help therapists extend their support for clients beyond therapy sessions.

In partnership with youth mental wellbeing non-profit organization,  Over The Rainbow Singapore, we have launched a free mood regulation tool to immerse in relaxation for stress relief.

Feel calm and relax in OTRlistens x Calm3d.

Contact My Inner Child Clinic


36 Carpenter Street

Singapore 059915

9 Sin Ming Road, 

Thomson V One,

Singapore 575630


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