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Couples Therapy Singapore

Love, Respect


Shared Purpose

in relationships

Gottman Method of Couples Therapy Benefits

Rekindle friendship

Acquire strategies to handle differences in relationships

Having a shared purpose for the relationship

A Safe Space for Therapy

"I find Bernadette to be knowledgeable in her field of work, compassionate and gentle in her approach, real and practical in her suggested tools and resources, and very encouraging and approachable as a person." - LN, Life Coach

Upholding Dignity In Relationships

"I learned for my marriage, how to respect my husband as firstly a human being, to discover how our upbringing and past wounds shaped us and to develop strategies to cope with our differences in a dignified way" - Bernadette Chin, Gottman Couple Therapist

Patterns in Wounded Relationships

"another failed attempt at dating after a couple of years hiatus, and I found myself hurt, confused, and exasperated. I noticed a pattern, but yet I didn’t know how to get myself out of it." TE, Career Counsellor

Couples Therapy in Singapore

You've made the decision to love, to have a life giving marriage, or you are about to commit in a long term relationship but unresolved differences remain. Something feels missing in the relationship.

Learn strategies to bridge these differences in your relationship, with Bernadette Chin a Gottman-trained couple therapist.


Practice research based skills to deepen emotional connection and  learn methods to replace negative conflict patterns for a rekindled friendship and a life of shared purpose.

Couples therapy is a process of:
1. Building common ground of mutual love and respect and joint contribution towards a shared purpose

2. Understanding the differences that exist because each spouse is uniquely different
3. Developing strategies to deal with such differences
4. Healing past wounds

Gottman Couple Therapy

A relationship between a couple is meant to nourish and give life. It is the most important relationship a person will have in their lifetime. Yet, we were never taught how to build, nurture and protect such a significant relationship, be it in school or from looking at our own parents.


More so, we often get distorted, disillusioned or even unrealistic versions from the media. Couple Therapy is a process that addresses the mental, emotional, spiritual and sexual needs of two people coming together to build a lasting and fulfilling relationship. Using the work of Dr John and Julie Gottman, couples identify their strengths and areas of improvement.


With an enhanced awareness and desire to change, we can break free of what no longer works when interacting with the other person. We will explore

  • how your childhood can affect your marriage

  • your attachment style, a key element in a person's ability to bond and form long-term relationships; and

  • your past relationship baggage.


It will be a safe platform to

  • learn how to effectively manage conflict, which is part and parcel of life

  • reconnect deeply and re- establish security, trust and commitment

  • express your heartfelt needs and desires to build a shared meaning of a life together


I strongly suggest you do the work to make your marriage great, especially if you have children, a happy, healthy and thriving relationship is the best gift for them!

More about the Gottman Method of Couples Therapy


Couples work with the therapist to discover how they work together in the relationship, who they are as individuals and then receive detailed feedback on their relationship.

Therapeutic interventions

Interventions may be required to help couples strengthen their relationships in 1) friendship, 2) conflict management, and 3) creation of shared meaning.

Personal & couple development

Couples learn to replace negative conflict patterns with positive interactions and to repair past hurts.


In this process, you and your partner improve friendship, deepen emotional connectedness and forge shared dreams and aspirations for the relationship and those whom you love. 

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