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Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Dear Bernadette

The past 2 months journeying with you as my therapist has been truly an invaluable blessing! Thank you for softening my heart and head and investing so much time and effort in me.

You have addressed my various inner wounds, which helped in my social-emotional growth, allowed me to regain my lost self-esteem, and enabled me to apply helpful thought processes.

I am learning to celebrate my steps in life.

I am learning to filter out and focus on what is present, helpful and known. Because comes confidence and security, the external environment and inner insecurities will less likely trigger an emotional reaction from me. I can then respond more effectively to the environment.

Like how you have empowered and gifted me with your light, I hope I can pass it on and do the same for my future clients.

The best is only yet to come!

CC, 25 Years old, Social Work


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