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Hi Bernie,

Here's an overdue testimonial and note of gratitude.

"One with a heart of gold, one who gifts others with her time and one who always glorifies God in whatever she does." is how I would describe you.

Thank you for being part of my healing journey and I often thought to myself how my life would be if you had gone into this earlier and that I had all these sessions done earlier.

Yet I have come to appreciate that there is indeed a time and season for everything. At a time when I was ready to enter more deeply in healing, God gifted me with the ministry you are in. Honestly, if it weren't for you, I would still have doubts about what Hypnotherapy is all about - It is a really deep form of Ignatian contemplation. I feel very safe in your hands, knowing that you honour God in all that you do and that you are not here to make money out of your clients - given how generous you are with your time as seen in sessions and follow up homework prior to the next session. As fellow Catholics, I love how you integrate science and spirituality, always giving credit to our Creator whom you work hand in hand with.

I have seen how much I have grown over the many sessions and how you really are here to help us to discern our vocation in life by helping us to progress forward through gentle yet intense healing work at a deeper level. I see how you help me take step further by helping me to appreciate what was revealed to me at retreats.

Thank you for helping me to unlock the many closed doors by giving me the courage to face my past so that I can embrace my future. Thank you for always being there for me when I feel lost, assuring me that it was part of my healing journey and that things would get better. I really appreciate your time and commitment in journeying with me, checking in on me and making sure that I was ready to embrace the next step. Yes, things do get better and better as you share!

Thank you for being a highly professional therapist and a personable friend, one whom we could confide in. I do enjoy my sessions with you because breakthroughs do happen, and I can't help but be ascertained of the fact that you do pray for each and every one of your clients whom you believe is sent by God. Thank you for being God's instrument of healing, and for being that spark that ignites hope and healing, happiness and health in us all. Thank you for enabling me to witness how God has been an amazing author of my life, writing beautiful chapters every day.

YS, 37 years old, Education


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