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Therapy with Bernadette was the best gift I could do to myself. I have been dealing with anxiety and a form of obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD) pretty much my whole life. When my first child was born, everything was amplified. In addition to crippling postpartum anxiety, I also experienced distressing intrusive thoughts/postpartum OCD. As I was afraid that people would think I am crazy and would take my baby away from me, I kept it to myself and survived the first year of my child's life without really appreciating anything. When my second daughter was born, I knew I needed help this time. Even though I live a very "natural" and holistic lifestyle, I was ready to do anything to get better, including taking medication if it was needed. But I did not want a "quick fix". I felt like I needed to "do the work" as I knew my postpartum disorders came from deep rooted issues.

I confided in my doula and she referred me to Bernadette for therapy and hypnotherapy. As soon as I got in touch with her clinic, Bernadette gave me a call and we arranged for the first session. Everything was very easy and clear, just what I needed. From the first session, a weight started lifting off my shoulders. First, it was great to be able to talk to someone, without fear of judgement or repercussions. Bernadette is very intuitive and was able to right away adapt her "treatment" plan to my needs and personality. I would come out of every appointment calm, refreshed, confident and with new tools to implement right away.

I look back and can hardly believe the progress that was made in the last two months. I do still feel anxiety and I still have intrusive thoughts here and there, but I now know how to deal with them and they do not consume my life anymore. Best of all, I will be able to enjoy the first year of my child this time. For that, I am forever grateful to Bernadette and to myself, for making my mental health a priority.

TE, 37, Health & Fitness


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