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I was struggling to cope with my work challenges, such as a heavy workload and ill-fitting roles which I did not like and feared. I also wanted to understand myself better, grow as a person, and experience greater freedom in my life.

Through the therapy sessions, I discovered that I held various unrealistic beliefs and expectations of myself, and how they were adding unnecessary burdens on me. Bernadette helped me tease out these beliefs, look at them with more clarity, and reframe them into more realistic ones. I was also equipped with different tools and skills to help me manage difficult circumstances, and learnt how to honour my feelings. Through the weeks, I gained more confidence, faced my fears and stresses better, and felt lighter and freer.

Bernadette is sensitive, warm, and makes me feel safe to share my thoughts and feelings openly. She is very skillful in identifying the issues and areas I needed to work on, and conscientiously follows up with me through the week to know how I am doing. I know she is guided by good values, and I feel safe to trust her to do what is best for me.

The therapy journey complemented my spiritual life very well, as it helped me work on personal issues and resolve certain fears and beliefs that had psychological roots. This in turn helped me to be emotionally healthier, become more connected and at peace with myself, and helped improve my spiritual practices and the way I relate to God. I felt how psychology/therapy and the spiritual life are so closely intertwined, and one affects the other.

HM, 37, Social Work


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